Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Squares Vs Circles now out on Android

I've been spending my time recently recreating and upgrading my Squares vs Circles game that I originally released on Windows phone. 

It's actually been on the play store for a little while now. That has given me plenty of time to find and fix any lingering bugs. Upgrades and leader boards are brand new features for the android version as well as many small graphical upgrades. 

It's been an interesting time, developing this game that is. It's made using the unity engine. I have been spending my time learning the engine since I left college and I love it. It's much quicker to get to the actual game mechanic scripting side of things with Unity as the engine is already there. With XNA you had to pretty much create your engine before you had any fun, but with unity you just get straight to it.

Anyway here's a link to the game. Give it a go and maybe give me a rating if you can.

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