Tuesday, January 10, 2012

App Downloads

There seems to be a lack of information about the amount of downloads apps are getting on windows phone marketplace(apart from over at the occasional gamer. Those download numbers are amazing). I did not market any of my games and I think the download numbers reflect that but I'm pretty happy with them.

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Here you can see all 2.1 of my apps(0.1 being the BMI Calculator). The BMI app I made and released just to developer unlock my phone. The first tiny spike is the release of the BMI app. The first large spike is the release of Sparks. The first day it had around 300 downloads. Within a week it had dropped completely off the radar and after that averaged around 3 or 4 downloads a day. The next large spike is the release of Squares V Circles. First day it had around 200. and again like Sparks dropped off within a week for what I hope is the same reason. I had hoped that Squares V Circles would receive more downloads because it was actually a game unlike Sparks which is essentially a particle sim. Total downloads for all the apps is 2,103.

One thing I learned from releasing these apps is that you can't just release your apps and expect them to get tons of downloads beyond the initial release. To this end I have started to experiment with AdDuplex. AdDuplex Gives you 8 free adverts for your app for every 10 you show. Its only been a week and I will have an update in the future on whether it has helped or not.

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