Sunday, January 29, 2012

More Progress

It's been a while since my last post. I have been quite busy with the game and with my college work but I though it was time for another progress report.

Since my last progress report I have been mostly working on Squares Vs Circles TD. Working on removing game breaking bugs and you know other small things like that. It's very close to moving out of alpha and into beta. Here are a few screens.
This is the main menu screen. I changed the logo from the original Squares V Circles. This one looks much nicer and suites the game better. I don't have anything going on in the background yet but I have something in mind.
Here is a random level from the game. Some levels will not allow you to have some guns and some won't allow you to upgrade your guns. The blank rectangle at the top of the screen is reserved for ads.

As you hopefully can see I have started to add the first coat of polish(the first of many if I have the patience). 

I haven't really made that much progress I know(one of the reasons might be that I have gotten addicted to Terraria lately) but every step to the finished product counts. I also hope to have more XNA tutorials up soon so check back regularly.

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