Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Blog

Welcome to my new personal blog. Hopefully I will be letting you know about all my games and apps I am or will be developing in the future and maybe some general posts about windows phone and XNA.

I have had so many game ideas lately and no time to do any of them. I finally made a decision to do one of them. I'm going to make a sequel to a game of mine that I have developed for the windows phone, Squares V Circles. I was pretty happy with that game although I think it gets boring after a while. I seen some of my friends playing it and there completely glued to it and I have no idea why. The game was endless i.e. you could play it for as long as you want or until your battery runs out. It never became difficult or interesting.

For Squares V Circles 2 or should I say Cubes V Spheres I plan to do a fully 3D top down vertical scroller with lots and lots of particle effects (people seem to love particle effects). I haven't started yet and will be posting updates every few days hopefully so check in every now and then. I have filled a OneNote document with ideas for this and I can't wait to get stuck in to the development.

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  1. I like! lol when clicked on the link to your blog from Google+ and first thing I saw was Circles suck, making me think that it was a dig at Google, nearly left there and then :P :D